Custom digital painting kit/paint your photos



You can make oil portraits for any important person yourself!
Enjoy the fun of creating masterpieces of art in your own home.

You will appreciate high-quality pre-mixed artist paints in our premium paint numbering kit.

Relaxed and happy: Do you often feel tired or stressed? This product will help you relax and reduce stress in your free time, and enjoy creating amazing works of art
Improve relationship: If you draw together, you can help people improve the relationship between parents and children, friends and friends, couples
Gift selection: Do you often worry about not knowing what gift to choose? As a gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, birthday or other important days, this is a good choice
Simplicity: No matter how good your painting is, you will still create beautiful and exquisite pictures, it does not require any basic painting skills
Educational toys: a good choice for education, can help children improve their intelligence and cultivate interest in painting

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High-quality canvas (linen), with texture and touch, easy to color.


Three sizes of brushes, large brushes for large paintings, small brushes for small paintings.
Easy to clean, please clean the brush before changing other colors or stopping painting.


The colors are clear and can be mixed to create your own works according to your preferences and ideas.
Environmentally friendly acrylic paint with bright colors, suitable for shop use.
Paint according to the color number and finish them one by one. You can also paint the dark color first and then the light color. It will be easy!
You can decide the lottery round according to your personal preference or the number of rounds.


Use paint directly, do not add water.
If you fill in the wrong color, you can wait for the paint to dry, and then cover the wrong part of the surface with the correct color.
Please cover the paint cover when not in use to prevent the paint from drying out.
The numbers on the canvas may not be completely covered, I hope you don’t mind.
The paint we provide is enough for normal use, please don’t waste it to prevent paint shortage.

Basic cropping and framing: We will ensure that the subject of your photo is the focus of your painting.
Shadow and highlight enhancement: We will ensure that some details are lost in very dark or very bright areas of the image.
Brightness and contrast adjustment: Our goal is to ensure that your diamond painting is bright, detailed and full of wonderful colors.
Optimize color correction: We will do our best to reserve color codes for your paintings to maintain color fidelity.

Size: 12×16 inches / 30x40CM

[Package includes]

1 set of acrylic paint
1 x Canvas (unframed/wooden frame)
3 x writing brush
2 x hook
2 x screws


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